Happy 2012 to all our friends and family

George's Winter Sunset in Point Roberts

Merry Christmas!  Happiness and Joy to you All.  We are well.  We are busy.  Life is full.  We hope that life is treating you kindly.

Our youngest granddaughter started school this year, in Hawaii, and our hair is getting whiter (and grayer), so we have woken up to being some of the new elders in our community.  What a surprise.  That’s part of why we continue to be so busy, too.

George lives the life of a farmer these days, working on a 4-season gardening project.  He will have 4 greenhouses going next year; this year was getting the first prototype in production.  They have big plans – see the newspaper article link below.

Prototype Greenhouse December 2011

Garden Crew on bed filling day

The Community Garden work he did for the past few years really took off last year, and is doing well.  We worked with the school kids several times, planting seeds and harvesting the food.  There are 13 raised beds now at our Community Center.

George and Elizabeth preparing a bedSchool kids and Rose washing leeksCommunity Garden in March

George and some beets

Rose at a Christmas PartyGeorge playing music after a dinner party

Rose continues at the library, and with her client quilting work.  Reading and playing music are still big interests for us too.  We’ve got sporadic on-line presence these days; the links are at the bottom of this letter.  Our Maple Tree Gallery is still open in the summer months, and Point Roberts is still a sleepy quiet rural community, thank heavens.

Maple Tree Gallery

Rose & Kristen before the kid's Pirate Program at the library


Our own backyard garden was lovely this year too, and we had a bumper crop of cherries, off one of those 5-in-1 grafted trees.

summer backyard garden












We’re proud of our kids – they are all grown up, with kids and family of their own.  Jade, our youngest, got her degree in Landscape Design this year – the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree in our family!  She and Jim are happy in Bend, Oregon.  We had a family visit in Portland last February.

the gardeners

Jade & Jim, Rose & George

Autumn and Mike, on Maui, are expecting a 2nd girl in the spring!

the Hurlburts at the zoo

And we are thankful that Wende and Mike were ok in the big hurricane that hit North Carolina this year, and that Mike’s new business continues to do well for them as well.   Rose’s mom, Millie, is relatively content in Point Roberts, spending part of every day walking.  Rose swims, or goes to exercise class, and George works his butt off in the garden, every day.  Not hard to guess who’s in the best shape around here!

Rose at the Christmas Craft Faire

We hope your life is what you want it to be.  Every day.                     Love from Rose (and George)


Here’s some online entertainment:

http://www.prmapletree.com  (photos of our summer gift shop and stock)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/geonrose/  (lots of quilt group photos and some of Rose)

Rose is on Facebook too : search for Rose Momsen

 geonrose.wordpress.com            (Rose’s Blog)

balloonpen.blogspot.com            (George’s Blog – mostly his articles for his defunct column, some poetry)

Some of our presence in the local paper this year:

http://www.allpointbulletin.com/walking-the-walk (article by George)





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One Response to “Happy 2012 to all our friends and family”

  1. Kathe Dooley Says:

    What fun to catch up with you and your busy life.

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