ArtFest here I come!

I am off to a fabulous art experience on Wednesday, a treat after this dark and dreary winter, full of library work and my attempts to catch up to my client quilting queue.  I will be taking classes from Roxanne Padgett this year, and enjoying meeting all of other wild artists, mostly women, who will attend the event.

Links:  ArtFest –  click on retreats, ArtFest

Roxanne’s blog:

Here are photos of my trade items for ArtFest 2011.

Fabric covers for Remains of the Day Journals

These could be for any handmade book, not just for Mary Ann Moss’ RotD journals, but I thought that many of the Arftesters would not be fiber people, so might like already made covers.  I did 15 of these, from Judy Ross’ left-over art quilt experiments. Thanks Judy!

Artfest Logo charms for trading

These are made from recycled packaging plastic, so are lightweight, but not particularily strong or sturdy.  Edges are sealed with UTEE plastic, no not really a ‘green’ charm.


Teeny zine books for trading

Glass and agate charms for trading

Glass and agate charms for trading

These mini-zines are my favorite trade. Full of all the great trade item ideas I have gleaned over the years of going to ArtFest!

With photos of trades I’ve done in the past and a Lynne Perrella stamp on the cover.

Who couldn’t use more time to finish those trades!

Not sure why these charm photos got mixed up – if Blogging were easier, I’d do it more often.

These are the glass and agate charms I’ve made that are fractionally more “green”.  The word on the shrinky dink is : Nourish


3 Responses to “ArtFest here I come!”

  1. Jane Says:

    Those are amazing – I want em all! (I’m in the ROtD class also, by the way) – I hope I get to trade with you at Artfest!!

  2. Gwen Delmore Says:

    Hi Rose! I love your trades, and here’s a surprise– I am going to ArtFest! It is very last minute, something came up that made it possible, but no time for trades this year. I am so excited!! I am going to be in 225, room 2.

    see you soon!

  3. mary ann Says:

    Rose – that pile of ROD covers looks delicious. Your store is darling! hope you had a lovely time at artfest :-))

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