Better Late than Never!!

Well, summer has arrived up here in it’s glory and warmth,  and attendant hordes of summer visitors, things to do, and way too many things to get done in my life.

I am enjoying working as a librarian!  It’s a dream job and a dream boss and good dharma all around.

Here are the best of the photographs of the past few months.

"Jellyfish" hanging in the library!

the Passburg girls on Jellyfish Day

the Maple Tree Gallery July 2010

Looking inside the gallery

4th July parade - Wizard of Oz "float"

Me and my dad at my brother's wedding

the happy wedding couple (Sam & Xabo)

3 hot babes in SF - Carlanne, Rose & Sharon

photo for library webpage

our backyard in April 2010

garden in early summer

backyard in July

Front yard in summer

Amish Center Diamond in Sharon's Guest room

Amish Center Diamond in my Living Room

The quilts are from a few years ago, but it was nice to see the one at Sharon’s house while I was down for the wedding.  The decorations in the library are for the Summer Reading Club that encourages everyone to read like crazy all summer long (hard to do in a beach place like this).  I am working on client quilts, working at the library, working at our gallery (open 3 days a week now until September), and doing the farmer’s markets and craft fairs.  Life is full and wonderful.  We are well and happy, but tired.  Wishing everyone the very best!


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