Happy Holidays to All

Well, the Rose and George Show is making an attempt to join the 21st century and start a blog.  You will have to bear with us, as we creaking old foagies learn to use the new technology.

Here is our 2008-2009 Holiday Letter to family and friends.  All of our best wishes to our readers out there in cyberworld.

iMac photo, December 2009

George and Rose’s Excellent Adventure,  “10 Years Gone”

It has been a full ten years that we’ve been away from Maui now, and these past two years have been busy and full ones for us.  We are happy to send you all the most felicitous good wishes for the holiday season, and the upcoming new year.  And no, we don’t expect to be having much to do with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.   The summer was gloriously hot, finally, and today,we had the first of the winter snowfalls today, but it didn’t stick.  It is cold, cold, cold, but at least it is not raining.

We both had the chance to do some traveling, to see friends and family in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Hawaii.  We hosted a wonderful family reunion for George’s daughters in Jan 09, which saw our granddaughter’s family off to their new life on Maui.  Everyone is well and content and occupied.  And employed, which is great.

My quilting business has tapered off some with the dip in the economy, but our Maple Tree Gallery is taking up more and more time, so it all works out.  Finding enough time is the main challenge for us these days.  I still read at the library’s story time, and go to quilting meetings, and take the occasional art class.  I’ve enjoyed judging the needlecrafts exhibits at the big Northwest Washington County fair for the past few years, and have been getting interested into collaborative art projects – small books, charms, and the like.  I attended two small art retreats in our state, one in the mountains, and the other on one of the gulf islands, so this year I am thankful to have found some time to just have fun.

George has been involved in gardening, speaking once to our local garden club, and working this winter to get a big community garden started.  2008 was a fabulous year for our snap peas; 2009 was the year for a terrific garlic crop.  It was warm enough for a few pumpkins this year, but we’re hoping for more next year.

In August, we had the misfortune of loosing our second garden space in a fire that also destroyed George’s wood storage.  We’ve had far too many opportunities to deal with material goods this year, our own and those things of our friends who have moved away.

So we’ll be glad for the new garden space in the spring. Our backyard garden is filled with fruiting trees and bushes now, which makes the birds happy.  We saw the  barn swallows raise two sets of young this year and last, and we enjoy feeding hummingbirds, chickadees, towhees, and many kinds of sparrow and finches.

We’ve heard some wonderful music these past two years, through a Vancouver folk music group: the Rogue Folk Club.  Our favorites were Ray Bonneville, Meaghan Smith, Tim O’Brien, Blame Sally, and the McDades.  Over the Rhine is a treasure we found on LastFM.com – all highly recommended bands.  George continues to write and play his music, and has a regular Saturday night gig at our neighborhood coffee shop/Italian restaurant, which is very convenient.

I did two big craft faires this fall, as well as run the store from May to Christmas each year.  I’ve been involved in a few community quilt projects as well, culminating in a large quilt group effort of portraits that hangs in our local library.  You can see photos of it, and of other quilt stuff on Rose’s Flickr site:


One of my client quilts won First Place in the local guild’s quilt show in 08, and then this summer my Roberts Island quilt won a first place award for Art Quilts in a big Fibre Art show up in Canada.  Those were very pleasant surprises.

We’ve seen some friends old and new pass on this year, and so we are reminded to live well in the present moment, and to spread joy and happiness where ever you may go in your lives.

All our blessings to you and yours,

Rose and George


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