Rooibos Chai Recipes

November 11, 2014
from A Full Measure of Happiness Blog

from A Full Measure of Happiness Blog

I’ve recently found Stash Tea’s Spice Dragon Red Chai herbal (caffeine free) tea bags.   The package is in both English and French, so it must have been up in Canada when it fell into my shopping cart!  What fabulous stuff.

So I wandered about the Net today looking for a homemade version of the tea, as I have alot of plain rooibos tea on the shelf.  The Stash tea package says it has cinnamon, rooibos, ginger root and cloves in it.  I found some really interesting blog posts with recipes, and a rather tame version on

Here the are, enjoy!

This easy one uses Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Ginger Root and Black Peppercorn for the spices.  Not too shabby really.

This one is more complicated, but looks great.  It has the most gluten-free, sugar-free options for the high minded.

This one is OUTRAGEOUS!!  It uses Nettles as part of the combination, and that sounds truly intriguing!

This one is where the photo is from – she says to toast the spices before grinding them up!  nice tip.  great photo.

I hope to try them all out over this dark and cold winter season coming up!